Impactful Selling

Even if you're amazing at what you do - in fact, even if you're the best in your industry...


I see so many female coaches, consultants and wellness practitioners who are absolutely incredible at what they do... yet because they don't know how to own their worth and confidently express their true value to potential clients, their businesses (and their income) stay small and insignificant.

These amazing women think that sales conversations are automatically sleazy and uncomfortable, so they do anything they can to avoid them (missing out on loads of opportunities in the process). And worse still, they often end up undervaluing themselves, working for next to nothing, and running themselves into the ground - all because they've never learnt the art of authentic, aligned selling.

Tell me, do you...

  • Dread sales conversations, and feel incredibly 'salesy' and sleazy whenever it comes time to discuss money with your potential clients?
  • Hate stating your prices (and sometimes don't even say them at all!) because you feel like a total fraud?
  • Undercut yourself and discount your prices because you're worried whether your clients would pay you?
  • Get really nervous before your sales calls (and then feel completely unnatural during them) and end up saying the wrong things and hating the whole experience?
  • Struggle to position yourself as the expert and leader your clients are looking for as they speak with you?
  • Over-deliver on what you offer (while still under-charging, of course!) so that you're getting ever closer to burnout?
  • Have money blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you small and stuck when it comes to receiving money for your services?

On top of all that, you likely feel disappointed that you have so much to offer (and you KNOW you could genuinely help people) yet because you can't convert your leads into customers, you don't get the chance. You're tired of seeing other people in your industry get better opportunities than you (even though they've got less skills and experience) simply because they're better at selling themselves. And it's getting harder to hang on to your dream of making money doing what you love, in a way that feels elegant, expansive, and abundant...

If this all sounds familiar, you're absolutely not alone.

And I get it - the art of impactful selling is not something we're taught at school or by our parents. And especially as women - being natural nurturers - I find there's a lot of fear and misunderstanding around it.

In fact, so many women business owners I meet absolutely dislike the whole idea of selling! They started their businesses to do what they love - to explore their passion, live their purpose and make an impact in their client's lives - and it was only after they'd begun their journey that they realised that selling was actually an essential part of it... and they've been resisting it ever since!

But here's the thing: most women hate sales because they've got an out-dated notion of what selling really is...

They think that sales conversations are about manipulating the other person, or tricking them into buying something they don't need - like a cross between a sleazy salesman and a late night infomercial. (No wonder they dislike selling so much!)

Unfortunately, having this mindset about sales is not only inaccurate; it's damaging your business.

Sales conversations do NOT have to be sleazy or pushy. On the contrary - the art of impactful selling is about showing up from your zone of genius, serving your potential client, providing them with immense value, owning your true expertise, and making a real impact on them and the world.

Jill Rodriquez

In only 6 modules of The Art of Impactful Selling, I have learned a most graceful way of selling and coaching I have ever attempted. I have been in business for 10 years relying on my own charms to sell my personal training services and had not realized there was indeed an art to selling. My passion for the health and wellness field did not include passion for the sales and business side until now. Now I see my work as a full living and breathing system I’m proud to introduce in my initial consults. I literally have Serena’s audio classes in my earphones a few times a day because I want her methods to flow naturally for me. My first attempt at practicing allowed me to feel natural confident, and composed as my clients happily walked in to a coaching relationship with me. That day, 3 modules in, I sold over $3200 in my own coaching packages. This far exceeds my investment. Boom!.


Jill Rodriquez | Personal Trainer & Creator of Hormone Friendly Fitness |

And here's the thing: If you DON'T know how to sell, you'll never actually experience the kinds of results you're after. You'll never...

  • Be as confident and comfortable in your discovery sessions as you are when you're doing your most important work in the world
  • Get paid what you're worth and earn the kind of money you desire
  • Attract the right kind of clients (including the VIPS that you long to work with)
  • Create the lifestyle freedom that made you start your own business in the first place
  • Get the big opportunities that allow you to move up the ranks, make an impact, and take things 'next level'
  • Rise above your money blocks and create real wealth consciousness and abundance
  • Overcome the self-sabotaging behaviours that are keeping you from success.

In fact, I've found that for the majority of female business owners, selling is the biggest missing link that's stopping them from achieving the kind of success and lifestyle freedom that they crave.

That's why I created The Art of Impactful Selling...

In this transformational course, you'll learn the proven sales skills and structure that will allow you to conduct authentic sales conversations, connect more deeply with your clients, actually help your clients, and generate a truly abundant income, so that you can step into your highest power as a business owner and unlock your true potential.

And the beautiful thing is that you'll also be able to watch your (stream!) of new clients do the same.

You'll get to finally have the money to fund your dreams; whether it be more support for you in your business, travel the world to experience new cultures, pamper yourself, hire a nanny, take your family for a vacation, move to a dream home... whatever it is that you feel most uplifted by!

Ashleigh Scott

Mastering this one skill will radically transform your business - it's that important. How do I know? Because I have been where you are...

Just a few short years ago, I was constantly struggling to make sales. I had a lot of trouble owning my worth as a coach, so even though I knew how much I wanted to charge for my services - so that it was an equal exchange and I'd feel good about it - I couldn't actually believe it was possible for me to charge that much. (Not to mention, I couldn't imagine having to actually say that price in front of a client!)

On top of that, my discovery sessions had no structure or leadership. I'd do "free coaching" all the time, and get led down the path of answering my clients questions (instead of being the expert they needed me to be).

As a result, I kept underselling myself and feeling frustrated and undervalued. I didn't feel confident or natural when speaking with potential clients, I never felt like I was fully in control of the conversation (or the outcome), I was living month to month, and I was working way too much... All in all, it wasn't the dream life that I had signed up for!

Thankfully, I realised my shortcomings early on: I knew I was really great at coaching, but not so great at getting clients and owning my worth. I knew there was no way I was prepared to settle for a life of continuous struggling and scraping by, so I became determined to master the art of selling. I also knew that I wanted to do sales MY way - no sleazy tricks or manipulation.

Stephanie Wasylyk

No matter what I did in the conversation I always fell flat when they said they didn’t have the money for my program. Impactful Selling was fantastic at guiding me through the reasons behind financial objections, how to approach them, and what EXACTLY to say when someone brings up an objection.


Stephanie Wasylyk | Business Coach for Holistic Health Practitioners |

Kristen Allen

Working with Serena has been incredibly powerful for me. Serena taught me how to handle objections with ease and grace so that I can help my clients get the results they are looking for in businesss and life. I went from being nervous and uncomfortable with the sales conversation to really enjoying the process. My closing rate has doubled in just two months and my business is flourishing!s.


Kristen Allen | Business Coach |

So I set about finding the best sales people I could - masters of the art - who approached things with an attitude of alignment, abundance and authenticity. As I fit together the different pieces of the puzzle, I realised that adding in my own natural strengths and insights as an NLP master practitioner could take things to an entirely new level.

By fusing my skills as a mindset expert with the best and most powerful sales strategies, I created an approach that saw me effortlessly and elegantly sign up more clients than ever before - and at a rate that is in alignment with my work.

Best of all, it was reliable and repeatable - almost predictable. Time after time, this approach allowed me to graciously stand in my power as an expert, confidently steer the conversation, effortlessly state my new prices, and then close the deal with my inspired and excited clients.

That's when I realised I'd created something truly life changing, and The Art of Impactful Selling was born.

Since then, I've:

  • Built a $500k business
  • Consistently achieve $20-30k months
  • Created 6-figure launches with my flagship mastermind
  • Trained as a Master Practitioner of Coaching and NLP
  • Facilitated well over 1000 private coaching hours, plus all my group programs
  • Invest in leading coaches as my mentors
  • Created complete freedom via my lifestyle business; for example spending three months out of the year travelling with my husband and stepson, working from my beautiful home office in the tropical paradise of Byron Bay Australia or from my other home in Finland; I am always able to take my business and clients with me.

In The Art of Impactful Selling you'll learn how to create these kinds of results for yourself, using my proven method for becoming a masterful closer.

You'll discover the secret to authentic, aligned selling - the kind that not only guarantees your conversion rates go through the roof, but that makes both you and your prospect feel great about the sales conversations that you're having. This is a way of selling your packages and programs with the highest care and service for your clients, while helping your client overcome their fears and say YES to themselves and their dreams.

"When facilitated well, your sales conversation can be a powerful transformational tool on its own."

You'll discover...

  • How to fall in love with your Strategy and Discovery Sessions by understanding the psychology of selling and what people really buy you for, so that you can help them create huge impact in the world
  • How to make your clients feel safe and expansive by positioning yourself as the expert and leader
  • How to have your clients eager to buy, so there is no 'selling' involved, and make tons more money in your business
  • How to break the status quo and use 'tough love' to stand out from the competition and build deep trust with your clients
  • How to stop feeling like a fraud and get paid what you're truly worth
  • How to overcome objections with ease and grace, so that you can encourage the effortless 'yes'
  • Learn actual language for authentic selling, so that you no longer feel pushy or salesy
  • Understand how to attract high paying, high quality clients who can't wait to work with you
  • My step-by-step formula for sales conversations that convert
  • External business structures that support your sales
  • And much more...
Tiffany Anderson

This is so much more than ‘just another eCourse’. To be honest, I was quite surprised at how deep it penetrates your inner belief systems. It really gets you looking at the essence of how you operate in business starting from the inside out. Some of the techniques in this course are unlike anything I’ve heard of before and I have already begun to see a change in how I live my life through my business. Thank you Serena for this immersive journey into the self as well as sales!


Tiffany Anderson | Baby Solutions Specialist |

Your sales conversations can be the strongest, most effective asset in your business.

Keti Whitmee

Talking about my business has become effortless. I have put the right value on my business and myself and now see that I am a blessing to my clients’ lives as much as what they are to mine. My entire organisation has grown and we consistently have had a 15-20% increase every month in both sponsoring and sales. My cheque is growing month on month and I am on target to reach my goals that Serena and I have put in place by the deadline dates.


Keti Whitmee | National Vice President | Arbonne

Caroline Cain

You started your business because you want to do work you love, making a useful contribution and so that you get to call the shots. This means mastering sales and being comfortable with sales so that you actually do have a business, not just dabbling in your passion. As someone who has a sales conversation conversion rate of 40-60% I can certainly confirm that there is an art to it and it doesn’t need to feel sleazy or pushy or, dare I say it, desperate, at all. It comes from that place where being of service meets your big WHY in life – Serena has you covered.


Caroline Cain | Lifestyle Business Mentor |

Kelly Petering

Now with the understanding of the psychology, language and structure for selling as well as my prospects secret desires and the value I can give to them with my services, I know that my business will flourish to what I want it to be! I was also able to clearly identify the vision for my business and who I am marketing to. Throughout the course I was guided through how to overcome fears and limiting beliefs around money which had been really holding me back when it comes to selling my products and services. Not only is Impactful Selling a blueprint for sales conversations, it’s also a step by step guide for acknowledging your worth and building your business to where you want it to be.


Kelly Petering | Business and Lifestyle Coach |

Here's what we'll be covering...

Week 1


In this module you will:

  • Get clear about your WHY and your vision for your business
  • Get clear about who you want to BE in business
  • Get clear about who you want to serve and why they'll pay you
  • Position yourself as the expert that you are
  • Understand what people are really buying you for
Week 1


In this module you will:

  • Overcome your fears around the worth of your work
  • Overcome your un-resourceful money beliefs and change your money story
  • Overcome the 10 myths about selling that have been holding you back
  • Stop feeling like a fraud and feel great about making money and having abundance
  • Cultivate wealth consciousness - the cornerstone for great sales conversations
  • Understand how to attract quality clients and customers who really want to work with you
Week 1


In this module you will:

  • Stop feeling pushy or salesy and fall in love with your sales conversations
  • Learn how to conduct sales conversations that feel safe for your client - and that convert
  • Discover the 3 questions that every prospect is secretly asking and how to respond to them
  • Learn powerful language for soulful consultative sales
  • Set boundaries for your sales consults so that you don't give too much away for free
Week 1


In this module you will:

  • Learn how to enrol more clients using complimentary discovery calls
  • Receive my step-by-step formula for your sales consults
  • Learn simple and authentic ways to finish the sale
  • Learn how to elegantly facilitate the payment process
  • Be clear of your role and expectations in your sales consults
Week 1


In this module you will:

  • Change how you feel about objections so that you can handle them head on with your client
  • Find out the most common objections and how to overcome them without sounding pushy
  • Learn how to get your prospects to overcome objections before they even arise
  • Learn how to help your clients find the money to work with you
Week 1


In this module you will:

  • Define in detail the packages and programs that will support your business
  • Learn business systems and structures that safeguard your worth
  • Payment systems and contracts that are essential for business abundance
  • The ultimate sales page copy formula
Ashleigh Ryan

I went from talking absolute rubbish on my sales calls (and never making a sale) to having amazing conversations and connecting with potential clients (and making sales!)


Ashleigh Ryan | The Online Marking Mentor |

Nik Toth

With Serena’s Impactful Selling I finally got to understand the psychology behind selling. I was able to tap into my client’s deepest fears and desires, which now help me convert leads into clients. Now I actually look forward to getting on a sales call! Serena is generous with her knowledge and an absolute pleasure to learn from.


Nik Toth | Lean Body Coach |

Here's how it works...

Join me on a 6-week Group Coaching journey to mastering authentic and powerful selling. You'll get:

  • 6 VIDEO TRAININGS EACH UP TO 1 1/2 HOURS LONG Never again will you have to worry that your sales conversations are awkward and ineffective, because I'll be teaching you a complete strategy to close new clients in a divine, aligned, authentic way that is powerfully effective.
  • 6 ACCOMPANYING WORKBOOKS these insider techniques and exercises will help you habituate what you learn so that you can put it into practice immediately, closing new clients from week one.
  • 12 HOURS OF RECORDED GROUP COACHING CALLS listen to ALL the previous coaching calls and learn tons more tips, strategy and actual language for specific challenges in your sales consults.
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK MASTERMIND GROUP having support along the way is what makes this journey so powerful. You'll be able to learn from each other's experiences plus access to me of course for your questions!
  • 4 GUEST EXPERT MASTERCLASSES with industry experts to give you specialised training in the areas that matter most.
  • AUDIOS OF EACH MODULE so you can download and listen to them any time, anywhere.



As you start to develop your high-end offers, naturally blocks and issues arise. You might find yourself wondering things like Who will pay for this? Are there enough ideal clients out there for me? What if no one buys what I'm offering? Kerry Rowett is a Kinesiologist who specialises in helping her female entrepreneurial clients break through these kinds of blocks. She has created an audio which takes you through her unique alignment process to help you get clear on how you DO want to feel about selling, and to identify and clear the specific blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your sales goals.


The way you position yourself and your brand can make a massive difference to how many clients you sign - and how much you can charge them. Jessica Nazarali is a success coach for new coaches and helps them stand out and find clients. Her advise has been featured in Cleo, Marie Claire, Sunday Style and Madison. She'll be showing you how to build your personal business brand so your ideal clients can't wait to work with you. She'll also reveal her proven brand building strategies for getting clients to say 'yes' to your packages and pay premium prices to work with you.


When you dread sales conversations, that discomfort usually seeps out into all your sales communications - including your copy. Jessica Larsen is a wordsmith and creative strategist who helps heart-centred women live a fully realised creative life and make their ideas happen. She'll be walking you through the process of finding your authentic voice in your writing so that you can create copy that not only converts like crazy, but that feels beautifully aligned and authentic too.


When it comes to the art of impactful selling, the more you know who you are, the more you'll be able to step into your power as a business owner and powerful leader. Samantha Hannah is a personal branding strategist, keynote speaker, TV host, wellness warrior and founder of the eCourse The Spirited Lifestyle. Sam will be guiding you through the process of drawing out your story, exposing your unique strengths and aligning your business with your core values, as well as teaching you her exact formula for creating an unforgettable personal brand.

The total value of these masterclasses alone is in $1000s!

Valentina Bonatti

Serena taught us not only how to sell, but also how to believe in your worth first, as well as how to package your service up. When I started Impactful Selling, I was lost and not clear on my target market and consequentially, I wasn’t sure how to sell my services. I became very clear on that straight after the first week and then week after week selling from that place became so clear and easy.


Valentina Bonatti | Radical Success Coach |

Katie Shields

Selling was something that I had never done before, and Serena helped me build confidence in each one of the selling aspects. She gave me the skills to handle the objections, not to take them personally and helped me overcome the fear of making calls.


Katie Shields | Executive District Manager | Arbonne International

If you're ready to become a masterful closer and unlock your true income potential, I invite you to join THE ART OF IMPACTFUL SELLING today and work with me to learn these powerful sales skills.

Your Investment

Your Investment is $697

Plus unlock these limited time Fast Action Bonuses:

Facebook Ads that Sell Masterclass with Jayne Day

Valued at $300 USD

If you want to focus your lead generation online (and achieve that location independent lifestyle!) you've got to master Facebook advertising. Jayne Day is the owner of Webonize, an online marketing agency that assists small businesses maximise their web presence through effective marketing strategies. Facebook marketing is her zone of genious. Jayne has created a Masterclass on Facebook Ads that Sell.

Facebook Ads that Sell Masterclass with Jayne Day

Valued at $300 USD

Maria Davis, Medical Intuitive and Prosperity Coach has great delights in leading her tribe of Maverick Manifestors to ignite, develop and perfect their manifesting gene. Her purpose is to raise prosperity consciousness. She does this in a very simple, actionable and effective manner and her clients are making more sales, attracting their ideal clients with ease, and a bonus is that they have more energy too.

Gina Bernard Tambasco

I find it easy to have conversations with prospects in an authentic and comfortable way. My confidence levels have increased so much that I decided to leave the corporate world for good and am successfully balancing family life with my Arbonne business.


Gina Bernard Tambasco | District Manager | Arbonne International

Your happiness guarantee

I fully stand by the awesome value within this program, but if for some reason you're not happy, you can withdraw within 14 days of our start date with a full refund. All you need to do is email my team and submit the completed worksheets showing that you listened to the trainings and did the work. If you participate and apply what you learn, I know you will love this program!

A few words about me, Serena Sandstrom...

Serena Sandstrom is a Success and Business coach for female coaches and consultants with a specific passion and expertise in sales skills and success mastery. Serena works with her private clients round the world in helping them create and build thriving coaching businesses and ultimately through her work she helps her clients become powerful leaders in their business and life.

In her own coaching business she achieves $15,000 and up to $30,000 months just 2 years into her business. Serena is a Master Practitioner of Coaching, and NLP and a certified trainer of coaching. After leaving her international corporate career as a senior womenswear buyer, Serena has built a thriving 6-figure coaching business in just 2 years.

So how did I do this? Well, you don't need a PhD and it's not rocket science, but you DO need to know the insider strategies and techniques that will help you make it happen. I'm here to show you how.

Here's some more of what past participants are saying about The Art of Impactful Selling...

Ashleigh Ryan

Impactful Selling is a program that all coaches and creatives should go through. Serena has a way of breaking down the process so it is easy to understand and IMPLEMENT! I went from talking absolute rubbish on my sales calls (and never making a sale) to having amazing conversations and connecting with potential clients (and making sales!). When I used to have potential clients sign up for a strategy session my stomach would immediately turn into knots, I started to psych myself out and the negative talk in my head would begin. I’d panic the whole day prior to the call and be on the brink of a nervous meltdown! Since going through Impactful Selling I can now hop on a call with so much more confidence. I have the ability to control the call and give value and just feel comfortable.


Ashleigh Ryan | The Online Marketing Mentor |

Stephanie Wasylyk

Sales conversations for me were always really easy…until it got to the objections a client might have. No matter what I did in the conversation I always fell flat when they said they didn’t have the money for my program. Impactful Selling was fantastic at guiding me through the reasons behind financial objections, how to approach them, and what EXACTLY to say when someone brings up an objection. Better yet, Serena explained how to bring up the objection earlier in the conversation so it is less likely to be an issue at the end. That alone made the course worthwhile!


Stephanie Wasylyk | Business Coach for Holistic Health Practitioners |

Louise Taylor

I wanted to be able to talk about my business with confidence and to understand how to have effective sales consultations. I am now clear on the big why of my business and how to articulate this to others. I’ve also really taken to the wealth consciousness philosophy and I’ve since noticed I am receiving money and opportunities from unexpected places. I have been able to close most of the new discovery sessions that I’ve had since enrolling to Impactful Selling and I’m now confident in my follow up. I highly recommend working with Serena for anyone looking to adopt a powerful mindset, strategies and language to win clients and grow their business.


Louise Taylor | Transformational coach |

Jenilee Evans

The course modules are jam packed with questions and content that transforms your way of thinking about sales as a powerful and confident female business leader. Right after this course things started manifesting in my life. I highly recommend Impactful Selling for women who want to learn how to sell effectively.


Jenilee Evans | Health Coach

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You'll receive a welcome email from me to create your unique membership site login details plus your invite to our Facebook members lounge. You can start to go through the trainings in your own pace and you have immediate access to me for your questions via the facebook group.


I appreciate you have other commitments too. The great thing is that you have lifetime access to your trainings and coaching call recordings, so that you can access the material anytime, time and time again.


Absolutely - I will be with you in the Facebook mastermind weekdays for advice.


The Art of Impactful Selling is tailored specifically for female coaches, consultants, creatives and wellness practitioners, and anyone selling in a consultative manner. If you're not sure whether this course is appropriate for you and your situation, please contact me at serena (at) serenasandstrom (dot) com.


Absolutely! This is THE program I wish I had access to when I was just getting started. It would have saved me (and my prospects!) so much discomfort and allowed me to earn great money much earlier. The foundational inner work that I take you through as well as the outer structures and strategy will have you getting paid your worth much before those coaches and consultants who wait to learn this.


I fully stand by the awesome value within this program, but if for some reason you're not happy, you can withdraw within 14 days with a full refund. All you need to do is email my team and submit the completed worksheets showing that you listened to the trainings and did the work. If you participate and apply what you learn, I know you will love this program!

Natalia Real

HEY, I got that client! I know that it’s because of our coaching that I’m working with C… (earnings: $2,547) and now A… (at my newly priced premium package, earnings $3200). Thanks to you, I had my most profitable month ever in my business!


Natalia Real | Website Superhero |

Your Investment is $697

YOU are your business's most important asset.
And authentic sales skills are your most powerful tool.

If you're ready to learn the sales skills that allow you to feel good, make a giant impact in the world, AND experience lifestyle freedom and abundance, then I invite you to join me on this 6-week journey to sales mastery.

I can't wait to share these life-changing strategies with you and help you transform your business, your income, and your life.

And think - just one of your very next sales conversations going your way will pay for this entire course. And that is just the beginning...!

See you inside,